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GTEC Upgrade Compressor First Installed In 1986

Our engineers have completed the upgrade of a 22 kW compressor GTEC first installed in 1986… and it is still in great condition!

At GTEC we aim to provide robust, quality compressed air solutions and unrivalled maintenance services. It is instances like this which let us know we are on the right track.

We responded to upgrade our customers compressor due to an increase in air demand. It was with a heavy heart that we decommissioned a 22kW Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressor installed by GTEC over 30+ years ago.

The compressor was still in everyday use and was in great running condition thanks to the care and attention it received from our engineers over 3+ decades of maintenance.

This proves the importance of regular maintenance in maximising the operating life of compressed air equipment.

The customer has now received a brand new energy efficient rotary screw compressor package in its place. This will cope with increased peak demand whilst matching its output to needs of the factory.

GTEC Upgrade Compressor First Installed In 1986