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Why choose a variable speed compressor?

Variable speed compressors are fast becoming the compressor of choice for all types of industry. With a drive that reduces energy consumption to save costs and shrink your carbon footprint, it’s easy to see why.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak operational process, shift patterns and customer demand are all in a state of flux. Where your business can adapt to your new schedule your fixed speed air compressor cannot. When your operations are under peak capacity your compressor could continue to run at 100% costing your business in wasted electrical consumption.

Variable speed compressors match the output of your compressor to the demand from your system. This can translate to significant savings for your business.

Approximately 75% of a compressors life cycle cost is the energy it consumes. Reducing the energy consumption of your compressor now will help control your operational costs long term and reach your Green targets.

Now is the time to upgrade your equipment, with no capital cost, to one of our Variable Speed compressor packages.

With our TOTALAIR+ offer you will start to save from the moment you switch the compressor on as you are not subject to capital cost.

But don’t just take our word for it…we are offering our customers a FREE Air Audit. We will use our data loggers to measure power consumption and system pressure alongside other parameters to determine your current running costs and simulate potential savings.

Please contact us to book your audit today 020 8519 1526.

Why choose a variable speed compressor?