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Whether your project needs the delicate touch of an airbrush or the full coverage of an industrial spray gun, choosing the right air compressor will make all the difference to your results. At GTEC, we leverage our decades of experience to help you find the perfect air compressor for spray painting.


Choosing the Right Air Compressor for Your Painting Needs

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing your air compressor:

  • Compressor Type: Piston compressors offer an affordable solution for most light-to-medium-duty painting jobs. If you need a high-performance compressor for demanding applications or professional workloads, a rotary screw compressor is the stronger, more energy-efficient choice.
  • Size and Capacity: Don’t waste space or money on an oversized air compressor. The tank size and power output should directly align with the scale of jobs you typically handle.
  • PSI (pounds per square inch): This indicates the pressure the compressor can generate. Low-pressure and gravity-feed guns usually need 10-30 PSI, HVLP guns 15-50 PSI, and airless sprayers at least 70 PSI.
  • CFM (cubic feet per minute): Higher CFM ratings mean more air volume, allowing faster, smoother paint application and handling of high-demand tools.

Matching the right air compressor to your painting applications is crucial. Overspending on a compressor you won’t fully utilise hurts your budget, while an underpowered one will slow you down and compromise results. If you’re unsure what specifications you need, turning to experienced professionals is the wisest choice.


GTEC: Your Compressed Air Experts

With over 45 years in the compressed air industry, we’re engineers first. We understand the technology inside out, and that knowledge translates into:

  • Tailored Solutions: We don’t just sell compressors—we help you find the system that perfectly matches your needs, whether that’s a simple setup or a complex industrial solution. We’ll work closely with you to consider not just your current painting workloads but also potential future needs and any expansion goals you might have.
  • Technical Know-how: We stay on top of the latest compressor technology, ensuring our customers benefit from cutting-edge innovation. Beyond choosing the core compressor, we’ll guide you on features like oil-free vs. lubricated systems, filtration options, and even the layout of your air lines—all of which impact painting performance.
  • Quality Commitment: We prioritise long-lasting, reliable products that deliver outstanding value to your business. Compressed air systems are an investment, and we understand that downtime due to faulty equipment directly impacts your bottom line. Our recommendations centre around dependability.

When you partner with GTEC, you gain far more than just a compressed air system. We become an extension of your team, aiming to elevate your painting operations for the long haul.


Find the Right Air Compressor for Your Painting Projects

From faster cycle times to reduced wastage, we’ll configure your system to streamline your paint application processes. Our commitment to quality ensures less downtime and lower maintenance expenses over the life of your equipment.

Ensure beautiful, lasting finishes backed by our expertise. Contact GTEC today on 020 8519 1526 to discuss your air compressor needs.

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