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GTEC understands the unique requirements of PET bottle-blowing applications. Our expert team of compressed air specialists delivers powerful, reliable, and energy-efficient air compressor solutions designed to maximise productivity and reduce your operational costs.


Experience You Can Trust

With over 45 years of experience serving the industrial compressed air sector, GTEC has a proven track record. Our engineers, backed by decades of expertise, understand the importance of providing high-quality solutions tailored to meet your precise PET-blowing needs.


Designed for Performance and Reliability

We provide a comprehensive selection of air compressors engineered to deliver the consistent high-pressure airflow essential for precision PET bottle moulding. Our solutions are designed to ensure a steady supply of clean, dry air, minimising downtime and guaranteeing superior bottle quality.


Cutting-Edge Compressed Air Technology

In the demanding world of PET bottle blowing, the quality of your compressed air significantly impacts productivity, bottle integrity and (ultimately) your bottom line.

That’s why GTEC delivers state-of-the-art compressed air technologies specifically designed to streamline your PET-blowing operations while boosting efficiency and reliability. To optimise your PET-blowing processes, we offer advanced air compressor technologies. These include:

  • Integrated Air Treatment Systems: Our integrated air stations feature built-in dryers and high-efficiency filters, delivering ISO 8573-1 quality compressed air. This ensures that the air driving your bottle-forming process is free from moisture and contaminants, safeguarding the integrity of your bottles and preventing costly defects.
  • Variable Speed Technology: Our variable speed compressors intelligently adjust air production to match demand in real-time. This eliminates wasteful energy consumption during off-load periods and delivers superior pressure stability, which is critical for consistent PET bottle formation.
  • Advanced Control Systems: User-friendly controllers give you real-time monitoring of your system’s performance and allow precise adjustments for maximum efficiency. Monitor pressure, temperature, and other key metrics to ensure smooth operation and prevent unexpected downtime.

Don’t let subpar compressed air compromise your PET bottle-blowing operations. Partner with GTEC and experience the difference our cutting-edge technologies make. Our solutions guarantee a consistent supply of high-quality air, reduce energy costs, and streamline your processes for maximum productivity.


Customer-focused, Quality-Driven

GTEC prioritises your success. We work closely with you to comprehend your specific PET-blowing requirements, tailoring our solutions for optimal performance. Our commitment to quality ensures long-lasting and efficient air compressor systems, providing you with peace of mind and lower long-term costs.


Advantages of GTEC Solutions

When choosing an air compressor solution for your PET-blowing processes, reliability, efficiency, and ease of use are paramount. GTEC delivers on all fronts, providing a comprehensive suite of advantages that empower you to streamline production and achieve superior results.

  • High-quality, reliable air supply
  • Clean, dry compressed air for optimal bottle production
  • Energy-efficient systems for cost savings
  • Reduced noise levels for a better work environment
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Expert support and guidance

By choosing GTEC, you invest in more than just air compressors. You gain a strategic partner dedicated to optimising your PET-blowing operations. Experience the GTEC advantage and see the difference in your productivity, product quality, and operational costs.


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Discover how GTEC air compressors can enhance your PET bottle-blowing operations. Contact us today and let our team help you find the perfect solution for your business. Call us on 020 8519 1526.

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