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Are you looking for the ideal air compressor to power your spray projects? GTEC has the experience, technology and solutions to deliver the perfect compressed air system for all your spraying applications. Find out how our high-quality systems can improve and enhance your tasks.


How to Choose the Right Air Compressor for Spraying

Selecting the optimal air compressor is crucial for achieving flawless results with your spray guns. Here’s a breakdown of the essential factors to keep in mind:

  • Type of Compressor: Piston compressors offer affordability and versatility. They’re great for moderate workloads. For larger projects or heavy-duty applications, rotary screw compressors provide superior efficiency, reliability, and power.
  • Size Matters: Ensure your compressor matches the demands of your project. Smaller compressors are perfect for occasional light-duty work, while large compressors are essential for automotive paint jobs or professional-grade spraying.
  • PSI: The Power Factor: Gravity-feed or low-pressure spray guns typically require 10-30 PSI, HVLP guns need 15-50 PSI and airless sprayers demand at least 70 PSI. Always choose a compressor with a slightly higher PSI rating than your tool needs for optimal performance.
  • CFM: Airflow Is Key: The volume of air your compressor delivers (CFM) dictates efficiency. Match the CFM rating to your spray gun’s requirements, allowing some headroom for future tool upgrades.

Don’t settle for a compressor that doesn’t fully meet your needs. Take the time to research and understand these crucial factors, ensuring you select the perfect air compressor to elevate your spraying projects. For further guidance or to explore compressor options, contact our experts today.


GTEC: Delivering Excellence in Compressed Air Solutions

Here’s why GTEC is your superior choice for air compressors and spraying equipment:

  • 45+ Years of Experience: Our compressor engineers ensure you get perfectly engineered solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Customer Focus: We prioritise individualised solutions that prioritise safety, environmental impact, and industry compliance.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: GTEC stays ahead of the curve, delivering the most advanced compressed air systems on the market.
  • Unbeatable Quality: Our reputation is built on reliability, exceptional service, and exceptional value.

Let GTEC be your partner in achieving spraying excellence. Our expertise, customer-centric approach, innovative technology, and commitment to quality make us the ideal choice for all your compressed air needs. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your spraying operations.


The GTEC Advantage: Super Quiet, Super Reliable

We offer a complete range of air compressor solutions, including our renowned GTEC series:

  • Integrated Air Station: This all-in-one system includes a rotary screw compressor, dryer, filters, controller, and air receiver, delivering clean, dry compressed air in a compact, space-saving design.
  • Low Noise Level: Enjoy whisper-quiet operation for a comfortable work environment.
  • Advanced Controls: Intuitive controller interface with multi-language display for easy monitoring and programming.
  • Optional Variable Speed Technology: Slash your energy costs with our energy-efficient variable speed compressors.

Ready to experience the GTEC Advantage for yourself? Contact our experts today to discover the perfect air compressor solution for your needs. Let us help you optimise your operations and achieve maximum efficiency.


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Ready to experience the GTEC difference? Contact our experts and let us help you find the perfect air compressor solution for your spraying needs. Call us on 020 8519 1526.

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