Air Compressor Rental

Air Compressor Rental

  • New equipment on site.
  • All preventative maintenance costs
  • Breakdown call-outs inclusive of Parts and Labour
  • Fixed prices year on year
  • Full 100% tax relief on compressor system
  • Vat Liability spread over monthly payments


Our unique Air Compressor Rental Scheme is a fully comprehensive package that covers all PARTS and LABOUR required to carry out pre-planned maintenance and also covers all PARTS and LABOUR for breakdown callouts and mechanical failures.
We operate your compressed air system on a fixed budget with the convenience of monthly payments which enjoy 100% tax relief and eliminate all the unpredictable costs of ownership in one simple package.

Track Record

More and more industrial businesses now prefer to rent compressed air systems instead of purchasing them. The heavy industrial application of air compressors requires frequent monitoring and servicing; moreover, immediate support is required during sudden breakdowns. GTEC provides a single window solution to avail the best air compressor rental service in this region. We have an enviable track record of providing quality compressor rental service for all the major industries for more than four decades. Look no further, if you are looking for only the best.

There are endless benefits of air compressor rental service offered by GTEC.

New equipment on site

The biggest point to mention about our rental service is that all our packages offer you the benefit of enjoying the efficiency of brand new equipment without having huge outlay up front. Heavy duty air compressors can be extremely expensive, depending on use and capacity. We provide the entire package and commission at your site using our highly experienced engineers.

All preventative maintenance costs  

The maintenance cost for a compressed air system  can be a cause of concern for the industries that use them extensively. However, you need not worry once you decide to avail our cost efficient air compressor rental packages. Top of the line preventive maintenance service provided by our skilled engineers and technicians significantly reduce the chances of breakdowns and help you achieve optimum operational efficiency. Our maintenance service includes thorough servicing of the plant, including; filters, lubricants, and overhauling of the system as and when required.

Breakdowns / Callouts

Unfortunately, unexpected breakdowns are part of life and no matter how much effort you put in to prevention – It is still commonplace. We have a priority response policy to address your emergency requirements and restore the situation within the minimum possible time. Our team of highly skilled engineers are always ready to fix your problem with the best turnaround time possible. The best part is that all our compressor rental service plans cover the cost for all spare parts and labor spent on your site for this purpose.

Fixed prices year on year

The raw material prices have increased significantly over the past few years. We take pride in informing you that we have been able to keep our service costs within a reasonable level by constantly trying out new ways without compromising with the service quality. Our highly efficient preventive maintenance service helps you avail optimum performance of your compressor without worrying about an increase of yearly service costs.

VAT liability spread over monthly payments

Most of our customers are required to pay VAT. We provide an advanced statement to help you budget for these payments at the beginning of each year.

With so many companies mushrooming all around us, it is not the easiest of tasks to find out the best possible rental service provider for your compressor systems. GTEC can be your ultimate destination because we are a time tested company that has been making life easier for industries in this region for more than four decades.

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