Compressor Maintenance

Compressor Maintenance

  • Fixed labour costs
  • No extra traveling or mileage charges
  • Continuity of service, reliable source of compressed air
  • Service calls at your convenience
  • Preferential response to call outs
  • No premium charges

Compressor Maintenance Agreements

If you own your own equipment or have a purchased a GTEC rotary screw compressor we can offer a Compressor Maintenance agreement tailored to suit your needs. Our Platinum, Gold and Silver service plans are designed to provide increasing levels of comfort and spread your annual cost over 12 monthly payments.

Compressed Air Systems play a vital role in any segment of industrial applications. They work as the power source for any material handling system, provides clean air in polluted surroundings, and is required to run most  industrial machineries and tools. Due to its vast industrial and commercial application of compressors, it is extremely important to have proper maintenance planning in place. While looking for service contracts, it is important that you deal only with the best in the business because any negligence in maintenance may have consequences as far as your business is concerned. We, at GTEC, can offer you an efficient compressor maintenance service perfectly suited to meet your diverse industrial requirements. GTEC is your ultimate destination for preventive maintenance agreements to keep your compressed air systems from breaking down.

Fixed labour costs

Labour costs make up a significant part of your expense on compressor maintenance. Unfortunately, this cost is very difficult to predict, and, therefore, the amount spent behind a maintenance contract can vary a great deal.  However, with our fixed price contract, you pay the same price irrespective of the time spent by engineers at your site without compromising with the quality of work. Our team would leave your site only after solving the problem, no matter how long it takes.

No extra travailing or mileage cost

Many of our competitors now charge extra towards traveling expenses due to the excessive price of desiel. The customers signing up for an annual maintenance contact with us are not required to pay anything extra, in spite of the ever increasing price of fuel.

Service call at your convenience

The prime objective of our compressor maintenance service is to provide you peace of mind.  We understand that our customers have a busy schedule and we value their priorities. As a customer of GTEC, you would never have to worry about the service calls. There are many activities within the process that may require your presence. We provide you the freedom of taking the service calls without interrupting other business processes. Our compressor maintenance packages include providing ongoing service for your oil filters, separators, valve plates, air filters, and all other service kits. The service requirement of a compressor is determined on the basis of its usage pattern in terms of hours of operations. These patterns will determine the amount of services you will require on a annual basis. Businesses running production 24 / 7 will be advised to run a backup machine to avoid any loss in productivity.

Preferential response call outs

Understanding the needs of the customers is our biggest strength. There can be unforeseen circumstances in an industrial operation leading to serious problems like breakdown, leakage, power cutting, or pressure loss. We assure you the best response time in the industry to address all your concerns. On time resolution of your problem has made us the industry leader in this part of the country for more than four decades.

No premium charges

Finally, unlike many other companies, we do not charge any premium amount for the customers when they sign up for a compressor maintenance agreement with us.

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