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Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressors at GTEC

Welcome to GTEC, your go-to source for industrial air compressors and compressed air solutions in the UK. With over 45 years of expertise, we specialise in providing top-notch fixed speed rotary screw compressors, tailored to meet your constant compressed air demands with efficiency and reliability.


What Is a Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressor?

A Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressor is a type of industrial compressor known for its reliability and constant performance. In contrast to variable speed compressors, these compressors operate at a steady, unchanging speed, making them highly suitable for applications where the demand for compressed air is consistent and predictable.

At GTEC, we recognise the importance of matching the right compressor to the right job. Fixed speed rotary screw compressors are a stellar choice for industries or tasks where the air demand does not fluctuate significantly. 

Their ability to deliver a continuous and stable flow of compressed air makes them particularly effective in sectors like manufacturing facilities, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industry, automotive sector and general industrial applications.


Our Range of Services

We understand that your needs are unique. What works for one client might not work for you. Thus, we offer a variety of services to ensure your needs are met to the letter—and then some.

Hire: Whether you’re setting up a new workshop or need an air compressor for a short-term project, our hire service offers both long-term and short-term solutions. We ensure that you have the right equipment, right when you need it.

Sales: Looking to purchase? Our sales team offers a range of air compressor solutions. Our products don’t just speak; they sing the song of quality and efficiency.

Service: Already own a fixed speed rotary screw compressor? Our skilled fleet of mobile engineers are ready to swoop in for servicing and maintenance. We’re like the pit crew for your compressor—fast, efficient and always on point.

Spares: We also offer an extensive range of compressor spares, pipework and more. We understand the importance of details—that’s why our spares and accessories are of the highest quality, ensuring your operations run smoothly.


Why GTEC’s Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressors?

What makes our fixed speed rotary screw compressors the leading choice for your needs? Let’s look:

  • Consistent Performance: Our compressors are the epitome of consistency, delivering the same level of performance throughout their operation.
  • Durability: Built to last, these compressors are more than just machines; they’re long-term allies in your industrial endeavours.
  • Energy Efficiency: While they run at a constant speed, our compressors are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, ensuring you get the most out of every watt.


Custom Solutions with TOTALAIR+

At GTEC, we don’t just sell compressors; we offer compressed air solutions that are as unique as your requirements. Our TOTALAIR+ solution provides bespoke setups tailored to your specific needs. Whether upgrading your compressor or setting up a new system, our technical advisers are ready to provide a free consultation, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your application.


About Us

Established in 1974 and entrenched in compressor engineering, GTEC combines years of experience with a passion for delivering economical and well-engineered solutions. Trust us, when it comes to compressed air, we know our stuff!


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