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At GTEC, we proudly stand committed to redefining the air compressor industry. Our Water Injected Screw Compressor is a prime testament to our commitment towards innovative, energy-efficient and reliable solutions for your business needs. We invite you to reach out today to arrange a consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and provide solutions just for you.


Unparalleled Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Our Water Injected Screw Compressor is designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency and sustainability. With its unique integration of water injection, this compressor delivers exceptional performance while maintaining an oil-free output.

This means you get the purest air quality for your operations, minimising environmental impact and maximising operational integrity.


Customised Solutions, Because One Size Does Not Fit All

Understanding the unique dynamics of your business is key to our approach. Through personalised consultations, we delve into the specifics of your requirements, ensuring that the solution we offer aligns perfectly with your energy-saving, air quality and cost-effectiveness goals. It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about providing a solution that fits like a glove.


Decades of Expertise at Your Service

Our team of technical advisers brings years of experience to the table, equipped with the knowledge to recommend the best compressed air solutions. We take pride in our ability to explain compressed air technology, offering you the benefits of our water injected screw technology, among others, to ensure your business benefits from the best.


Cutting-edge Technology for Optimal Performance

The Water Injected Screw Compressor embodies our passion for using innovative technology to benefit our customers. This compressor is a harmonious blend of energy efficiency, intelligent control and variable speed capabilities—all wrapped up in a package that delivers reliable, high-quality air with minimal noise disruption.


Silence Is Golden

We understand that operational efficiency shouldn’t come at the cost of a peaceful work environment. Our compressors operate at impressively low noise levels, ensuring that your workplace remains serene and conducive to productivity.


The GTEC Compact Solution: Big on Benefits

Opt for our Water Injected Screw Compressor and enjoy a plethora of advantages: from drastically reduced installation time and costs to high-quality, clean, and dry compressed air. This is a solution that not only saves space but also lowers operating costs, thanks to its integrated design that combines a compressor, dryer, and filters into a single, modular unit.


Why Choose GTEC?

With GTEC, you’re not just choosing a compressor; you’re opting for a partner committed to delivering excellence. Our comprehensive range of services, from sales to maintenance, as well as our dedication to providing high-quality products and solutions, make us the go-to experts in compressed air systems. 

With over 45 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to innovation that’s unmatched in the industry.

Ready to experience the difference with GTEC’s Water Injected Screw Compressor? Contact us today on 020 8519 1526 for a solution that’s tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your business operates smoothly, efficiently, and reliably.

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