Screw Compressors

Screw Compressor

What Is A Screw Compressor?

Screw compressors are a type of gas compression system that can effectively force compressed air inside a closed chamber making use of  threaded screws. A screw compressor is also known as rotary screw compressor. The mode of operation of the system follows the principles of positive displacement. These types of compressors are used in large industrial application where high-pressure compressed air systems are required. These systems are preferred over piston compressors because of their continuous sweeping movement that produces very little or no pulsation.

Spring suspensions are not required with these types because they are more compact and run smoothly with very little vibration. A screw compressor operating at a very high rotational speed is mounted using isolated mounts for the absorption of vibration created by high frequency rotors. These compressors are available in sizes up to several hundred cubic feet per minute, with the lower models starting from 10 cubic feet per minute. The airflow produced by these compressors is less compared to that of centrifugal compressors but is more than the reciprocating compressors.

Screw compressors can be broadly divided into two categories. The functioning of the oil free compressors relies entirely on the rotating screws without any involvement of oil seals. As a result, they have a maximum discharge pressure capacity that is much lower. These compressors are required in semiconductor manufacturing and medical research industries because no carry over oil is acceptable in these industries. The second type is the oil flooded screw compressor that requires compressor oil to be injected   inside the compression cavities for the purpose of sealing. Oil flooded compressors can generate output volumes in excess of 1500 cubic feet per minute.

A screw air compressor has many high precision parts. Gears, belts, housings, couplings, pistons, plungers etc are some of the most common air compressor parts. Apart from these parts, efficient compressed air systems require some other essential components. An air receiver is an integral part of an air compressor because it act’s as the essential storage medium and buffer between the consumption system and compressor. Two types of air receivers are found in an air compressor. The primary receivers are located between the cooler and the drying equipment. Whereas, the secondary receivers, are generally required in points closer to the large volume of air consumption.

Another important device for the proper functioning of an air compression process is the air dryer. This device has an extremely significant role in the removal of water vapor from the compressed air. Presence of water in compressed air both in vapor or liquid phase may lead to serious operational issues for the users. The foremost concerns associated with water or water vapor in compressed air is equipment corrosion, freezing of air lines, and process obstruction. There are many types of air dryers like twin tower dryers, membrane dryers, refrigerated dryers, and deliquescent dryers. The performance of a compressed air dryer is measured by its due point.

With changing times, the air compressor industry has also seen tremendous technological progress. Lots of high quality compressors are now available in the market for all types of requirements. For more information please contact a member of our team; or feel free to visit our pages on Energy Efficient Compressors or Air Compressor Rental for more details.